My Gay Agenda

Dear readers,

First, I want to thank you for taking this journey with me over the past decade.

Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce an ambitious new project. Let me start by giving you a little background.

In January of 2007, I was pulled into an emergency meeting and given an ultimatum: You can go behind the scenes and keep your job, or you can remain on-camera by undergoing conversion therapy. The producers of my TV show, The Remix, discovered that I visited gay bars on the weekends. For those invested in my career – like Jay Sekulow, now a lawyer for President Donald Trump – the possibility of my coming out was viewed as a threat to their business interests.

I couldn’t deny the truth. I confessed that I “struggled” with being gay and agreed to undergo the fraudulent therapy. My desperate need for acceptance overrode common sense. In the end, I realized I couldn’t live a lie. I came out and faced an enormous public backlash

Shortly after, I was offered a book deal by a LGBT publishing house. I turned it down because I wasn’t ready. Now, I want to share the full behind-the-scenes story, along with the internal struggles I faced unlearning the self-hatred I was taught.

My hope is that struggling LGBT people in faith communities, especially young people, will see themselves in my story and feel less alone as they work to find strength.

I’ve partnered with journalist and author Chris Sosa to bring this project to life. Like me, Chris is a gay man who grew up in a repressive faith community. He understands my story, because we have a lifetime of shared experiences. We will be working hand-in-hand to deliver “My Gay Agenda”.

21167077_10211633954822169_6102378407531496552_oOver the past decade, I have stumbled and deeply struggled with my identity and direction in life. I am ready and able to write this book now because that struggle is over. I know who I am. I’ve always known. However, years of spiritual abuse and emotional manipulation taught me early on how to be everyone but Azariah.

With this book, I not only want to show you who I am, I want to remind you of the beauty, opportunity, and greatness which surrounds you and lives in you – every moment of every day.


Stay tuned.

I’m looking forward to introducing you to Azariah.

Be love,
Azariah Southworth