Together, finally

It didn’t begin with “Sup” or “Into?” like most of the messages I receive on Grindr.

In fact, it didn’t even begin on Grindr. Maybe that’s what made it so magical. It wasn’t contrived. Instead, it felt divinely orchestrated.

“I’ll have a black iced coffee.” I told the French barista. This café rests on the edge of Park Bois de Boulogne, a short walk to the Eiffel Tower – my final destination on my last full day in Paris. I was traveling alone through Europe for two weeks. Making my way to Barcelona for a friend’s wedding.

My black iced coffee was ready. The café was empty with the exception of one other person sitting alone. I roosted in the corner of the café facing the door. Planning to stay only for an hour to read the book I brought with me, Velvet Rage. A few pages into the book, I looked up and caught the gaze of a dark blonde French man.

I Played Coy

He was tall, walked confidently and smiled at the barista. A regular perhaps? “Puis, j’ais une café au lait, s’il vous plait?” He asked the barista. A polite French man. I was intrigued. At this point, my glance evolved into staring, intensely. He must have felt my stare because I caught his eye. He smiled gently at me while looking directly into my eyes. I smiled back and quickly broke the gaze. I felt flushed.

I acted as if I was occupied with my book but my mind was consumed entirely now by his presence. As I acted to be lost in reading, I could see him in my peripheral vision look away then back at me. He was inviting my stare once again. I knew my time was limited as he waited for his café au lait. Testing the water, I casually looked around. I acted interested in the art on the wall. As beautiful as the art was, it wasn’t going to deliver what I knew the man at the counter could. And, frankly, what I hoped he too desired. I played coy. Hoping to capture his gaze again and secretly hoping it would lead to more than just a gentle smile in return.

Will He Notice My Charm?

Our eyes met again. This time I smiled. I meant to give him a soft, casual “sup” kind of smile but what came out was a full smile with teeth. I couldn’t mask my intrigue. “I’m not good at this game.” I thought to myself. He picked up his coffee, turned towards the door, but, before he exited he looked my way again and shook his head with a smile. As if to playfully say, “You’re right. You’re not good at this game but you’re charming.”

I didn’t waste a second. I closed my book, took out my headphones and decided to follow his lead.

He was about 30 feet ahead of me. I put my headphones back in. I didn’t want to appear too available. He looks back and sees me. We smile at each other again. He knows and so do I. We continued this for a few more blocks as if to see who would attempt to elevate the interaction first.

Are You Visiting?

I made the first move. I sat down on an empty park bench. I could see the Eiffel Tower beyond the trees from there. He kept on walking until he noticed I wasn’t trailing behind him anymore. He pivoted his body towards mine. He gave a smile and head tilt as if to say, “You’re really making me come to you?” I felt that sense of satisfaction you get when you catch a fish and begin to reel it in. He began making his way towards me.

With a French accent he introduced himself, “My name is Gabriel. Are you visiting?”

“Yeah, I’ve been here for a few days.” I’m not interested in wasting time, “Do you live around here?”

“I’m on my way to work now.” he replied. He points to a four-story stone building that doesn’t look the two centuries old I learned it to be, rather, it appears to hold two centuries worth of untold stories. I was certain we were about to make a new one. “That’s where I work.” he added. The doorway rested in the center of beautiful, intricate stone work. Each floor was exposed with floor-to-ceiling windows as if to leave no room for secrets, except ours. He was going in for a few hours to catch up on a few things. It was a Sunday so no one else would be in the office he shared.

May I, Please?

I asked him to show me the space. I love exploring the architecture of historical buildings, but, more than that, I was curious to explore where this would go. Fueled with confidence and feeling the exchange of high vibrations between us, I knew I had his permission to elevate our encounter.

The fresh smell of a floral body wash wafted off his smooth, olive-toned skin. He wore a fitted button up but I could still see his bulging arms. His dark blue pants rounded out his butt nicely. As we walked up the stairs to his second floor office, his heavy steps made the hollowness of the stair case echo off the walls. With each step and stride he was communicating a strong sexual and dominate energy. It was so potent I was ready to receive it there on the winding stair case but I withheld. The office space was large. The wood floors creaked beneath my feet. From one end of the office to the other, the antique warehouse pendant lights hung perfectly aligned from the rafter ceiling. As I took in the view of Paris from the windows, he turned on some music and made his way over to where I was standing. The song playing brought me back from daydreaming out the window and back into the room. I turned to him and asked, “What song is this?” He went back to his phone to check, “It’s called Will He by an artist named Joji.”  I smirked and thought of how appropriate the title and vibe of the song was for this moment. Gabriel was now taking the driver seat and elevating the experience.

He invited me to join him in the middle of the office. I walked towards him. The excitement of this moment was quickly moving south of my stomach. Gabriel grabbed my hips and brought me in close. Our pelvises touched. I rested my head on his shoulder and we swayed to the rhythm of the song. “No one can see us if we’re in the middle of the room.” He admitted. I didn’t care if they did.

He had me take one step away from him, “Lift up your arms.” he commanded. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and slid it off over my head. Feeling vulnerable, I maintained my gaze on his face. Forty minutes ago we were mere strangers exchanging glances in a café. The back of his right hand caressed my face and slowly made it’s way down my neck then my chest until it reached the top of my pants. He began to unbutton then unzip. I pulled them off along with my underwear and tossed both off to the side.  He grabbed my hips and pulled me into him once more. In sync we swayed our hips. My head rested on his shoulder. As our pelvises met again, I could feel him throbbing against me. Everything became silent except for the lyrics of the song…

Will your tongue still remember the taste of my lips?
Will your shadow remember the swing of my hips?
Will your lover caress you the way, that I did?
Will you notice my charm, if he slips up one bit?

I wanted him.

I moved my hands to unbutton his pants. He quickly placed his hands over mine and moved them away. Gabriel took a step back. As I stood there naked, I wasn’t sure if I was about to be rejected and asked to leave. Our eyes were locked and we were silent.

The song continued…

‘Cause I don’t need to know
I just wanna make sure you’re okay
I don’t need to know
I just wanna make sure you’re all safe

Gabriel began to undress himself while maintaining his gaze towards me. Our eyes locked, I went to my knees. Undressed, he walked his naked body towards mine until he could feel the warmth of my breath on his skin and I could feel the warmth of his cock against my face.

As he towered over me, I took him in and he whispered with his baritone voice, “Ensemble, enfin.”